On Getting Rid of Warts and Dark Circles

Honestly speaking, I am not consistent when it comes to skin care. I do not follow a specific skin regimen. My main concerns about my face are the warts which are increasingly becoming visible, and dark under-eye circles. 
This selfie was taken few hours ago, as an entry to a contest being hosted by one of the bloggers I follow.  Do you notice my dark under-eye circles. “Sayang ang make-up di ba, kung mukha namang racoon ang mata, hahaha”
In one article that I have read, having dark circles may be due to heredity, aging, dry skin, working for long hours in front of computer, stress, lack of sleep and an unhealthy diet.  I think majority of these causes are evident in me, hahaha.
My facial warts will soon disappear as I’ve already included in my schedule for the upcoming APEC holiday warts removal session in one of the skin clinics in the city.
I will try some home remedies again for my dark under-eye. Some of the famous natural treatments are cucumber, raw potato, lemon juice, and tomato. 
How I wish I have tons of motivation, time and energy to follow these four steps in maintaining a younger-looking skin.

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