Raising Responsible Kids: Work for Hire Chores

Getting kids involved in daily household chores is essential for them to become responsible individuals in the future.  At home, I let my children do small things such as clearing the table, packing up their toys after playing, sweeping the floor and making the bed.  My eldest also helps me water the plants and look after her baby brother when I’m busy. 
I found this awesome idea from  The Chic Site. It’s about encouraging the kids in helping out their parents  in everyday chores.  Rachel Hollis, mom of three boys and author of the blog The Chic Site came up with an idea of teaching her young boys to earn and save money, and at the same time encourage them to do help her in the household chores. 
That’s Rachel’s version of a Work for Hire Chore Board.  Different tasks are pinned on the board together with $1 the boys can earn if they complete them.
Cool, right?! This will be one of my projects this summer vacation. I have to train the kids to be responsible and the Work for Hire Chore Board is a creative way to do it. 

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