GSP-Mandaluyong Council Star Badge Fair 2014

Girl Scouts of the Philippines-Mandaluyong Council Star and Junior Badge Fair was originally scheduled last September 20, 2014 but postponed due to inclement weather. It was conducted yesterday at the Mandaluyong Elementary School Gymnasium. 
Thea participated in the said event. I took a half day off from work and accompanied her. Even though she already experienced this last year , she was very excited for another round of challenges and additional badges. She already have four badges for completing last year’s challenges. 

After the preliminary activities like invocation, Star Scouts Promise, and Troop Yell, each troop/school consist of more or less 20 Girl Scouts visited the stations one by one. There were seven stations representing the seven themed challenges which include Spirituality and Well-Being, Preparedness, Heritage and Citizenship, Family Life, Arts, Environment, and World Community. Each participant will receive badges corresponding the completed challenges. To know more about these challenges, read the Eight-Point Challenge at the official website of the Girl Scouts of the Philippines .  
Here are the snapshots of the event. 
presenting their troop yell
the girls listening attentively during the knot tying session

 they went outside to look for plants and animals that start for letters A-Z

Thea’s artwork: an owl made up of brown paper bag and color paper cut-outs.  She made a smaller version of this at home last night and gave it to Yohan. 
It is really important to involve our children in activities like this. Aside from additional experiences, the badge fair as a whole, will help the children to be well-rounded and responsible citizens.
Congratulations to Thea for another job well done! Kudos, also to the other participants and organizers of the event. 

2 thoughts on “GSP-Mandaluyong Council Star Badge Fair 2014

  1. hello mam! thank you for this write-up… fyi, your daughter should have gotten 7 badges also last year… i wonder why she got 4 only that time…

  2. Hi Ms. Cynthia, thank your for your comment and the information. I am not sure about the reason why she only got 4 badges last year. I was not able to ask the teachers in-charge since the badge fair/challenge was new to us at that time. I must've asked them.

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