On Homeworks and Study Habits

Thea has a short attention span when it comes to studying and doing homework. She’s an active child who loves to babble and sing. She’s also showing interest in creating stories of her own and draw her favorite cartoon characters. However, studying and doing homework on a regular basis are yet to be established. Sometimes, I feel guilty because of very limited time to guide her. I often go home later because I have to render overtime at work. Weekends are spent on different chores, but I see to it to help her in anyway I can. Lack of an established routine might be also one of the reasons. That’s why I’ve been researching about the proper way of developing good study habits for children. 
Some say it is best to establish a routine, others say creating a child’s own study area at home. Thus, good study habit is developed along with good organizational skills. 
Thea doing her Geometry Project last year. 

The following photos were taken last night. I helped her complete her project in Mother Tongue: 

Teacher’s Note: Handwritten. We used washi tapes as page border.
her cousin Joie did this for the cover page.
Here are the tips I bookmarked from the website A Better Child
  1. Use checklists (help child get into the habit of keeping a to-do list)
  2. Organize homework assignment
  3. Set a designated study space (we already have one. need to get her some sort of drawers or cabinet for school supplies)
  4. Keep organized notebooks 
  5. Conduct weekly cleanup  
  6. Keep a master calendar 
  7. Prepare for the day ahead (pack schoolwork and books in the child bag before bedtime so that nothing is left behind when she leave for school the following day. same goes with the uniform and accessories)
  8. Provide needed support while child is learning to become more organized

So, that’s it! I am thinking of buying a book shelf or a small cabinet for her books and school supplies. It would be a perfect gift for her MTAP Graduation this coming Saturday. 
PS: Please forgive me for some grammatical errors in this post. I just came from a blogging hiatus (again) and trying to gain back my writing mojo through this post)

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