I’m Back…

It has been a month since my last blog update. As usual, I have been busy offline. In fact, I have so many stories to share, just don’t know where to start. The main reason of my temporary hibernation is that I’ve encountered so much challenges, professionally and personally speaking.
Now, my blogging mojo is back and I am happy to announce that things are slowly falling into place. I have learned many lessons from the things that happened during the past few months. I realized that we should never invest too much emotion in one thing because we will end up hurting ourselves. That’s so typical of me in the past. Likewise, I learned a lot about genuine friendship, about choosing the right person to be with and tell our stories. 
Blessings are continuously pouring in and I am constantly praying that He will be always at my side in every step of the way.
Let me end this short blog entry by sharing this motivational quote from Helen Keller. 
Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.
                                                                                                     – Helen Keller

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