Reflections and Future Plans as I Celebrate my Blog’s 6th Anniversary

While organizing my thoughts for today’s blog post, I decided to tweak this blog a bit. As I arrange my sidebar and footer, the blogversary (short for blog anniversary) caught my attention. This online santuary  is turning six years old on February 15, 2014. 
My first ever blog post was a sort of announcement of my comeback to the blogosphere. I started blogging in 2004 but due to several reasons, I stopped. The main purpose of this blog is to chronicle my adventures are a new wife, and first-time mommy to our daughter who was about two years old then. This blog keeps me sane while balancing the challenging role as a servant of God, wife and mother while fullfiling my duties as a full-time career woman. 
Based on the archive, I have written a total of 151 posts in 2008 which is the highest number of entries for the past 6 years. It was the time that I have meet several bloggers worldwide and memes and tags were popular. I think, it was also the year when a large number of bloggers started to make money out of their blogs/websites. I had few attempts in paid blogging and affiliate marketing and earn few bucks from them. 
Future Plans for my Blog
I’ve been weighing the pros and cons on transferring Uncomplicated to a self-hosted WordPress blog. I am quite apprehensive of having problems in  hosting and domain renewal just like what happened in my travel blog last year. To help me decide on these issues, I will list down my plans for this blog (which I’ve already done for several times, hehehe). 
  • Write a structured blog post.  I will try my best to prepare a draft article and proofread them  well before hitting the publish button. I’d like to follow the Anatomy of a Meaningful Blog Post based on an inspiring post of Ms. Martine de Luna of Make it Blissful
  • Develop a DIY Blog Design (header, sidebar, background, etc.). I want to learn Photoshop or other similar softwares for me to develop my own theme. Contacting a third-party designer is also an option. 
  • Increase Blog Traffic. Before doing that, I will focus on improving the quality of content. Then I’ll use the power of social media to broaden my blog readership. 
That’s the major blog improvements I want to implement this year. You’re comments and suggestion is very important to me. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. Thank you in advance. Enjoy the rest of the week! 

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