MCA Mandaluyong City Educational Trip 2014

Yesterday, January 23 was a very special day to us. First, it’s my husband’s birthday. Second, it was the scheduled field trip of my daughter Thea. 
We left the house at 5:15 am to be at the designated assembly area as buses were expected to leave at 6am and seats were on a first come, first served basis. Despite some unexpected delay of departure time, we had a fun and smooth travel to Clark, Pampanga. Our tour facilitator, Kuya Jonald made the journey exciting. From the time we left Mandaluyong, he talked in front of us non-stop, he talked about every city or municipality we passed through, citing their historical background, land area and other descriptions. We sang and played games, too. 
I am warning you that this is a photo-loaded post haha. 
selfie shots at the bus 🙂

We arrived at our first destination which was the Clark Museum at 9:45am. The kids and their chaperons alighted the bus and fall in line according to bus number before entering the museum.
Clark Museum serves as a home to numerous artifacts that are important to the history, heritage, and culture of residents in the Clark Air Base. Many people especially students visit the museum because it also houses relics that are important of early inhabitants of the place and significant personalities in the Philippine history. 
at the Clark Museum

While waiting for our next destination, we greeted Papa a happy birthday via Viber. He took a day off from work yesterday and cooked pansit  for a mini-celebration together with his colleagues.

Next stop was the Zoocobia Fun Zoo. It is a fun and zoo theme park developed by the Zoomanity Group. It provides fun filled activities such as close encounter with the different birds in the Paradise area, roaming around the Garden Maze, Zoocology Museum, The Barn, Giant Slide and at the Zooc. The Zooc is the first and only gravity car that’s safe for all ages. Zoocobia Fun Zoo sits in an uphill location. We passed by an Aeta community which was developed by the Clark Development Corporation in partnership with Gawad Kalinga or GK. 
Zoocobia Fun Zoo

kahit mainit, go pa rin pa pag-swing

plants on recycled mineral water bottles, I want! 

We finished exploring the fun zoo by 11:45am. Thea and I went back to the bus. She said that she’s already hungry so we ate our lunch inside the bus. Based on the tour itenerary, lunch will be at the Dinosours Island which was our third destination. Other students and parents ate their lunch at the bahay kubo in Dino Island. Others who have eaten their lunch already, including us, opted to stay in the bus and took a nap. 
As I’ve said, our third destination was Dinosaurs Island. It’s the first Animatronics Dinosaur Park in the Philippines. If you have watched Jurrasic Park, you will meet face to face at the Clark’s very own Dino Park, special guests from the past such as Brontosaurus, T.Rex, Spirosaurus, Iritator (which, according to the tour guide, easily get iritated, moody and loner type of dinosaur), Raptors, Rhinoceros and many many more. Other added attractions include museum, Dino Trail, Dino Ride, World of Dino Fun, and special dance number from the Dino mascots. 
Dinosaurs Island

di mabitiwan ang bamboo flute
After Dinosaur Island, we went to Creamline Dairy Corporation ice cream factory. Unfortunately, we did not witness the making of ice cream for they temporarily stopped the production due to low demand because of the present weather condition.  Each tour participant was given a yummy  ice cream on stick.

The fifth and final destination was Duty Free shopping. We bought few items for pasalubong. We were given an hour to shop or roam around. 
That was a day filled with fun, learning, and once in a lifetime experiences for the kids and kids at heart. 
How about you, did you and your child went on a field trip recently? Where did you go? 
Happy weekend! 

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