It’s Gonna be a Busy Weekend

We’ll be having the Year-end Thanksgiving Worship Services for the young members of the Church tomorrow, 14 December 2013. My daughter will be performing in the choir. I thank God because she’s okey now, she had suffered a sprained knee after jumping from the teacher’s table the other day. According to her teacher, the accident happened while he was out from the room after his class. 
I have a quite long list of tasks this coming weekend which include the following: 
  • wake up early to prepare breakfast 
  • leave the house at 9am for the Church activity 
  • lunch out with the kids after the Church activity  – (my colleagues are also inviting me to a food trip adventure in Marikina) 
  • Go back to the Church at around 5:30pm for the adult worship service and devotional prayer 
  • wet market and grocery, early in the morning 
  • add new plants and arrange my mini garden
  • cook food for lunch 
  • do the laundry 
  • playtime and afternoon nap with the kiddos 
How about you, what are your plans for the weekend? 

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