My New Internet Connection at Home

After years of planning about having our own internet connection at home, we finally got one! Thanks to Globe for the fast processing and installation. I applied via online last Tuesday, October 22 and after few phone interviews, my application was approved. I subscribed to Globe Tattoo Wimax 1mbps data only plan, originally priced at Php999 but since they have a promo, we will only pay Php799 a month. Lock-in period is 24 months.
Though I read some negative reviews about this particular internet connection, I am willing to give it a try. I have read that connection speed varies depending on the location. Good thing that my location is covered within the so-called Wimax radius. 
I hope that this brand new internet connection will give me fast and reliable service. Communicating with my husband is now easier and cheaper through Skype, Yahoo Messenger and various social media platforms. I can update my blogs more often, too.

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