On Welcoming the Arrival of the Head of the Family

When I learned that my husband will be coming home for a short vacation, I immediately told the kids specially the eldest. She was counting the days since then, but the  date of his arrival kept on changing up to the week before his final flight schedule. From August 20, it was moved to the 26th, and finally August 17. So, it turned out to be a “big surprise” for the kids and all other family members.

Likewise, he was welcomed by Typhoon Maring and the Habagat incidents. Instead of relaxing after 9 hours of travel, he fixed the house’s rain gutter because the water entered the house already when he arrived due to non-stop rain that weekend.

As requested, I cooked his favorite spaghetti and prepared (Graham Crackers) Mango Float, too. Unfortunately, the dessert did not turn out well because our refrigarator broke down. We had it fixed 3 days after the typhoon.

I will share some stories about our family bonding in my succeeding blog posts.

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