Homecoming 2013

As an OFW family, the husband’s vacation is the most-awaited event of my family. I’m praying the his 20-day vacation will be granted this month so that we can celebrate our wedding anniversary together. My daughter and I are listing the places we want to visit while Papa is here. 
Here are the few places we want to visit: 

We are also planning an out-of-town trip and we are considering Tagaytay. I just hope that the weather will cooperate with us.
Since there are some problems regarding the electrical connections in the house, me might dedicate few days to get it fixed with the help of our electrician. 
photos are not mine

One thought on “Homecoming 2013

  1. Naku sis kailangan talaga ilista ang mga activities pagparating na si OFW hubby kasi naman pag andyan na sila minsan nakaka overwhelmed,

    Kamis a December ang vacay no ofw hubby kaya saya saya ng xmas holidays for us.

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