Stressful and Nanny-less Monday

As much as possible, I want my Mondays to be stress-free and hassle-free but the situation at home this morning made it the other way around. My house helper asked for a day-off last Saturday for an important family errand. I said yes, thus she left the house at 4pm. But she hasn’t returned yet until now due to an issue that I still to figure out. Though we already talked this morning via text messages, I still want to talk to her personally. 
She’s been with me for more than 4 months and I can say that she’s a good person – reliable, well-mannered and patient. In fact, my kids love her. I do hope that we’ll resolve this issues. I really want her to come back. Call me OA (over-acting) but I cried when she told me that’s she’s not coming back. 🙁

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