Blog Improvement Project: Edited my “About” Page

I just had completed one task in my to-do list, that is improving my About page here in my blog. Here it is. you’re comments and suggestions will be highly appreciated. 🙂

Hi, I am Rowena Zaballa, an IT graduate turned public servant. I am blissfully married with two adorable children, Yasmin Althea and Yohan Amiel.   As a full-time working mom, I strive to carefully balance my religious duties, family, and career. 

This blog is born out of the my passion for writing. The blog chronicles my adventures in parenting and home management, career in the government service, and  of course, blogging.

Why Uncomplicated? The first thing that came out of my mind during the time I’m starting this blog is the synonym of the word uncomplicated which is “simple” or “easy”. As a person, I am simple and easy to deal with. I am a low-maintenance type of woman and I barely wear make-up. As a parent, I vow to train my  children in a simple and Christian way of living. 

I am Mama Weng and I am proud to share with you my  joys and struggles  as I tread the wonderful joy path of the world’s greatest career  called MOTHERHOOD. 

Next step: Purchase Domain and Hosting

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