…Day 9 – 13 of 30 Day Blog Challenge

This realization makes me said. I failed to comply with this daily meme. Lack of internet connection at home and tons of household chores prevented me update my blogs during the past weekend. 
In spite of this, I will continue to participate in the remaining days of this blog challenge. 
Oops! There I one thing that I also miss. I miss reading books. I started reading during my high school days, when my sister (who was a college student back then) sent me her old books, mostly romance. Are you familiar with Mills and Boon, Harlequin Romance and the like? Those were the type of books that I have read. I seldom had the opportunity to read when I was in college. Then, when I was new here in my job, my officemate who’s a bookworm used to lent me some books from here collection. Motherhood, career, and blogging made me pretty preoccupied, thus I temporarily stopped reading. 
Thanks to the smartphones and downloadable e-books. I started reading again since last week and I feel like  am getting hooked to it. 
Have a great day, everyone!!! 

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