Day 7 – EDUCATION has the Biggest Impact in my Life

Being born in a low-income family motivated me to give utmost important of education. Our family is quite big, I have 8 siblings. My late father is a farmer and my mom but never ceases to look for additional income while staying at home attending to our needs. I can say that she is a classic example of a work at home mom (WAHM). Back then, my parents reminded us to study hard because education is the only thing that we can inheret from them. And that was inculcated in my mind.
Since my elementary school years, I’ve been my parents that I will do my best to be a scholar when I reach college. Thanks God for the great opportunity of being accepted in a scholarship foundation way back year 1999. I survived the four challenging years and obtained a bachelor’s degree in IT which served as my stepping stone to my present career. 
I truly believe in the adage Education is the Greatest Equalizer. 

2 thoughts on “Day 7 – EDUCATION has the Biggest Impact in my Life

  1. Education is really important and would also like to thank my mom for that. I admire you for being determined to finished your education despite of everything else in between.

  2. Yay! congrats on being scholar Sis 🙂 Education is very important 🙂 I remember my Dad use to remind us that it is the best gift he can give to our education 🙂 I am glad that I did not failed my Dad 🙂 Dropping by from the 7th day of blog challenge 🙂

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