Day 1 – A Recent Photo and 15 Interesting Facts About Me

I decided to join the 30-Day Blog Challenge hosted by Mommy Ruby of All in One Woman. This is my first time join such challenge. I hope to keep up with daily blog posts. So, here is my entry for Day 1 – A recent photo plus 15 interesting facts about me.

Taken last December 21, 2012 aboard the van on the way to our office’s 
Kpop-inspired year-end party. 

15 Interesting Facts About Me 

  1. I am a Bicolana.
  2. I am the youngest in a brood of 9.
  3. I got married at the age of 28.
  4. My husband and I met through the Internet sometime in October 2002. Then met personally in February 2003, began dating and the rest is history. 🙂
  5. I started blogging in 2004 via
  6. I can sing but I can’t dance. 
  7. I am lazy in folding the laundry. 
  8. I am left-handed. 
  9. I dreamed of being a journalist.
  10. My favorite color is red.
  11. I hardly wear make-up when going to work. 
  12. I love sinigang.
  13. I am a government employee but I want to be work at home mom someday.
  14. I graduated in college as a working student and scholar.
  15. God is the first in my Top 3 priorities, family comes next, then third is career. 
There you go, hope you learned something new about me 😀 

7 thoughts on “Day 1 – A Recent Photo and 15 Interesting Facts About Me

  1. You look great on a party mood sis! I used to work for the government as well — and loved every minute of it. no pressure haha.

    Happy New Year! may it be a wonderful 2013!

  2. Wow! you are one hard working and smarty pants Sis 🙂 I find left-handed person so interesting 🙂 My son uses everything in his left hand except writing 🙂 I love red as well as my favorite color. I also met my husband online. You look beautiful and ready to have fun Sis in your picture. It was nice knowing some interesting facts about you mwah 🙂 Returning from 30 day blog challenge 🙂

  3. I'm glad I know more about you sis 🙂 We do have the same top priorities in life ^_^ and yes I think we should enroll in a make up class co'z we don't know how to apply make up hehehe!

  4. Same here, I used to be a gov't employee and seeing you heading out for your office party made me miss working in the Philippines. I hate folding clothes too! Here's one trick, don't fold them…i-hanger mo! hihih!

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