Our Cozy Living Room

I have so many things to blog about, like our  Church’s Thanksgiving Day, Marikina Food Trip with my colleagues, and our Tagaytay family getaway. But before that, I am happy to share that our living room repainting and re-organizing project is finallydone. We already got a new sala set as we’ve promised to the kids.

Here are some photos of the on-going works.

The final look.

To add a more relaxing mood, I hang a frame on the wall and a Japanese-inspired lantern which I bought in Tagaytay for only Php180.

Flawless White Skin in 2 Weeks

You, too can attain flawless white skin in just two weeks. If you are wondering how did I do that. I am using Sutla and Flawless Products and I tell you, the results were visible in just 2 weeks.

Here are the products I’ve been using since November.

#1: Flawless Papaya Soap for my face and body

#2: Sutla Sunblock SPF50 to protect my face from the harmful rays of the sun

#3 Sutla Lightening Lotion to keep my skin moisturized  all day long

#4: Sutla Face and Body Bleaching Cream. I apply this everyday before bedtime.

Before and after photos of moi. 🙂

Sutla and Flawless skin care products are manufactured by GLOWCAL Manufacturing Corporation. 

About the Company

GLOWCAL Manufacturing Corporation opens earning opportunities for people with limited capital through its line of SUTLA-FLAWLESS herbal soaps and personal care products. This local company has been in the beauty and personal care industry for over two decades and continues to innovate products specifically formulated with the Filipino consumers in mind. Source: www.sutlaflawless.com/

Yours truly is an authorized reseller of Sutla and Flawless Products. For orders and inquiries, visit my Facebook Page – Pearly Glow Skin Treats. You can also leave your messages on the comments section below this post.Thank you!!!

Our Living Room Project Starts Today

Our living room improvement project is underway courtesy of my husband’s brother-in-law. The final color combination of the room will look like this. However, I’ll choose a darker color of the sofa. I hope that the brown and peach combination sofa set I saw two weeks ago is still available at the furniture shop near our place. 

Detox Drinks and Herbal Plants as Gifts

I’m into detox drinks now. I regularly drink honey, lemon and warm water first thing in the morning. With this new addiction, I started a herbal garden at home. 
A friend posted a photo of her own version of Cucumber and Lemon Detox Water. She said that she had a hard time looking for mint leaves. Coincidentally, I already have a mint plant and I promised to give her a pot of mint so that she can also grow her own at home. I handed it to her last night. She liked it and even took a photo of my ‘minty’ gift. 

Do you want to receive a herbal gift from me? Name it and I will look for it and give it to you. 🙂 

It’s Gonna be a Busy Weekend

We’ll be having the Year-end Thanksgiving Worship Services for the young members of the Church tomorrow, 14 December 2013. My daughter will be performing in the choir. I thank God because she’s okey now, she had suffered a sprained knee after jumping from the teacher’s table the other day. According to her teacher, the accident happened while he was out from the room after his class. 
I have a quite long list of tasks this coming weekend which include the following: 
  • wake up early to prepare breakfast 
  • leave the house at 9am for the Church activity 
  • lunch out with the kids after the Church activity  – (my colleagues are also inviting me to a food trip adventure in Marikina) 
  • Go back to the Church at around 5:30pm for the adult worship service and devotional prayer 
  • wet market and grocery, early in the morning 
  • add new plants and arrange my mini garden
  • cook food for lunch 
  • do the laundry 
  • playtime and afternoon nap with the kiddos 
How about you, what are your plans for the weekend? 

Public Speaking and Me

Research and report writing are my forte. Public speaking, on the other hand is my weakness. I don’t know why I fear facing the crowd regardless how big or small the audience is. I am not sure if it is because of the some not-so-good experiences during my college days. I got mocked a not one but two professors because of my regional accent. Since then, I accepted that I can excel in written communication but not in the areas of public speaking. 
Reality check…the scope of my job has evolved and I have to accept the fact that my supervisors will assign a task that requires to test my presentation skills. 
I attended a two-day workshop for the formulation of our city’s poverty reduction programs for the next 3 years. The organizers requested from our department to assist in the facilitation of the workshops. Thus, I have no choice but to deliver two presentations during the two-day activity. I’m grateful because my colleagues said that my talk went well. I just hope that the participants learned something from my presentations, hehehe… 

My Kids + Sofa

My kids loves lounging on the sofa in their Tita Elna’s house (beside our humble abode). The eldest even said that she has two sets of parents  and two housees hahaha. It’s mainly because they just love lounging on this sofa. 😀

Here’s my bunso playing with her Tita’s phone. I don’t have a photo showing my eldest sitting or sleeping in this sofa 🙂

As soon as the painting of wall is done, I will  start buying furnitures for the living room… 🙂

Summit Hotels Amazing Room Rates

Family bonding in Tagaytay is one of the items in my bucket list. I wish that we could go there next year, during my husband’s vacation. 
This amazing room rates from Summit Hotels arrived in my inbox today. I’m thinking of booking a hotel room. Oh well, I have to consult my better half regarding this. 
Catch the Summit Hotels’ marketing group in Robinsons Galleria and other Robinson malls to avail amazing deals. 

Mini-Garden by the Window

Did I already tell you that I have a green thumb, thus I can grow plants beautifully. I have grown ornamental plants before but some naughty cats destroyed them. 
Since I am looking for a stress reliever, I decided to revive my mini garden next to our windows. I started last week by planting some ornamental and herbs. I have some hanging plants, too. 
I’m dreaming of having lots of flowering plants and herbs in my garden. I already have Citronella, Oregano and Mint.

While searching for bits and pieces about gardening, I bumped into cool websites that contain ideas and inspiration on growing plants in small spaces. Ohh I have lots of ideas in mind right now. I am so excited to see my garden full of greens, hahaha.

Typhoon Haiyan Relief: Donate with your Nuffnang Earnings #NNforPH

Dear fellow Nuffnangers,

Nuffnang PH has an on-going relief drive for the victims/survivor of Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan that swept though the country last November 7-8, 2013 leaving thousands dead and injured, and million without thier homes, and other basic needs.

Nuffnang will be accepting donations until December 22, 2013. You can do your part and contribute to the funds by donating a portion of your Nuffnang earnings or by donating via Paypal.

Kindly click the image below for details. Thank you!