Goldilocks Crema De Fruta

Crema de Fruta by Goldilocks 
My mother-in-law celebrated her 81st birthday last November 26 but the family gathering took place last Friday, November 30. We agreed to have a potluck lunch. My inlaws from Nueva Ecija and Rizal came over and only two family members were absent – my husband and his niece who are both working overseas.
While I am gaining back my strength after a tiring  whole-day educational trip of my daughter, I decided to share dessert instead of main course. First, I thought of ordering Leche Flan but due to time constraint, it did not materialized hehehe. So, I tagged along the little lady and that’s what we bought – a big tray of Crema De Fruta from our favorite bakeshop, Goldilocks. Luckily, the folks especially the youngsters with sweet tooth, loved it. One of them even approached me and said, “Tita, ikaw daw bumili nito, ang sarap!”

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