On Teaching Responsibility

Misplacing or losing pencil, crayons, sharpener and other school things is a perennial issue between me and my eldest. I have consulted several mommy friends on how to handle this dilemma. I even asked for some tips from their school guidance counselor during a parents assembly last year. She might be too busy mingling with other kids and forgot to put her things inside her bag before the end of each session. There might be some bullies who get her things just as she told me last night. I really don’t know…
To help me solve this problem, I searched for tips and advice from my favorite online parenting magazine, BabyCenter. According to the article The Responsible Child: How to Teach Responsibility, grade-schoolers are quite competent at handling responsibility and they’re developing a sense of how some chores can benefit herself, her family, and the entire community. Organizing their  stuffs is included in their short list of chores. However, we must remember that these kids do not have much motivation to be responsible and we needs occasional reminders (which I don’t fail to do). 
Now, here are the 12 things that will help us  raise a responsible child as suggested in the article. This will also serve as my checklist. I will try my very best to follow these suggestion. 
  1. Set a good example
  2. Choose age-appropriate tasks
  3. Teach first things first
  4. Make the job a game 
  5. Try not to scold
  6. Change the cues (avoid repeating the same thing/reminder every day)
  7. Expect ups and downs 
  8. Keep a record (list of chores)
  9. Phrase things in a positive way
  10. Give him space
  11. Take you child’s temperament into account
  12. Pour on the praise 

2 thoughts on “On Teaching Responsibility

  1. i like this post ms rowena, very informative. Like you, i want to teach baby A the good values and i want to start ngayong baby palang sya. I teach her din some responsibilities tulad ng pag abot sakin ng mga stuff and i always remind her to say "thank you". Mukhang effective naman.

    i like your blog mommy rowena! =)


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