On Toddler Language and Cognitive Development

At one year and a half, most toddlers can utter a dozen of words or more. I’ve experienced this with my first-born. My daughter started to talk and sing few lines from classic nursery rhymes even before her first birthday. However, my 18-month old son is quite a late bloomer with it comes to language development. The few words that he can say include Papa, Mama, Thea (her big sister’s nickname), some of her aunts and uncles’ names. Most of her words starts with letter “T” like “tat” for Cat and a certain word that sounds like “Tatum” which we can’t figure out what it really means :D. I am happy that he can combine two words already like Wala na (No more) and Sa Taas (Upstairs). 

On cognitive development, Yohan is just right on track. He comprehends many words. In fact, we can already ask him to look for his shoes and other things. 
I hope that there will be improvement on his language skills  three weeks from now – when he returns from from summer vacation at my hometown. 

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