Planning a Birthday Treat for the Little Lady

Three days from now, my husband will arrive and we want his vacation worthwhile. As early as now, we have already plans for the next two months. Our eldest will turn 6 on April 25 while we will celebrate my 35th year of existence on May 24. A wedding will also take place on May 1st wherein the daughter will be one of the flower girls. My husband’s vacation will definitely fun and exciting! 
For daughter’s big day, we will go to the Manila Ocean Park and Mall of Asia. For my birthday, I am dreaming of a kitchen makeover (praying that my husband will be able to read this). A brand new dining is coming by first week of May as I am expecting my Google Adsense earnings to be released early next month, yay! 
I have to prepare his requested menus upon his arrival -that is MIL’s version of menudo called guiso and my mango float. 
See you soon, Papa. Have a safe travel (on Friday)… 

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