Family Summer Outing – April 2012

We had an early morning drive to North Luzon last Friday, April 6th. Long hours of travel paid off when we saw the kids wading in the pool in the resort somewhere in Nueva Ecija. This is just the first of the series of our out-of-town trips scheduled this summer. We’ll definitely go back there on May 1 for my husband’s niece wedding. And in few weeks time, he (the husband) will be arriving for vacation which could mean another swimming spree or other summer activities with the kids.

getting ready for a long journey 
my pretty little lady 
and my handsome little man 
arrived at the resort 
another pose before jumping into the pool
I Heart swimming!!!
the little man enjoyed swimming, too! 
sun-kissed glow after 5-6 hours of swimming 
How about you, where did you and your family go last weekend???

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