Iglesia Ni Cristo Grand Evangelical Mission Successfully Conducted in Key Cities of the Philippines

This is an aerial shot taken at the Quirino Grandstand also known as Luneta -one of the venues of the Grand Evangelical Mission (GEM) of Iglesia Ni Cristo simultaneously held yesterday in various places in the country. I am proud to be one of the attendees is this successful #IglesiaNiCristo gathering. This is the biggest event I’ve attended so far in my more than 10 years as member of Iglesia Ni Cristo.

Truly, Bible Expositions like this resulted to the calling of thousands of new members of the true Church, Iglesia Ni Cristo who shall be saved when Judgement Day comes. I am really grateful that my sister and her four children are now Iglesia Ni Cristo members. In fact, my nephew and nieces together with their two guests  also attended the GEM at Freedom Sports Complex in Pili, Camarines Sur. 

Purihin ang Ama!!!

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