Alternatives to Spanking

There are lots of ups and downs in parenting, and instilling positive behavior among children is I think the toughest job of all. 
I must admit about my tendencies to apply physical punishment whenever my daughter misbehaves. I am not happy about it, that’s why I’ve been reading about ways to avoid spanking and shouting. Based on my research as well as opinions from elders and friends, such type of discipline may lead to negative effects to child’s personality as he/she grow older. Although I try my best to explain to my  5-year old daughter the consequences of her wrong-doings, still physical punishment sends a negative message to her. This might be the reason why she tends to hit  or push her little brother every time the latter grabs her toy. 
See, I am one of those many parents who have spanked their child but express regrets afterward and wish they had tried some other method of discipline. I really want to declare my home as a “Spank-Free Zone”. With this, let me share some alternatives to spanking which I’ve read in an online parenting magazine (
1. Time-outs – refers to isolating the child from her family or peers for a short period of time. 
I’ve done this to my daughter few days ago. I prevented her from entering our room for about half an hour.     I reprimanded her for playing with my personal things. I also transferred my powder, lotion, perfume, etc from the dresser to a higher shelf inside my closet. 
2. Illustrate the consequences of bad behavior – Make it a point to explain to the child the undesirable results of his or her undesirable acts. 
Yes, I’m trying to do this in a most composed, kind manner as I can. 
3. Address problems in variety of ways – A pediatrician-author said that changing the way in handling a recurring problem can work wonders. Study the different techniques for a long-term and positive discipline and the ways to raise healthy children. Try to control your anger. By telling your child that you need a minute or two to cool off  and then walk away from him or her a bit will prevent a hitting incident to happen. 
There a lots of tips and advises on promoting positive discipline available both online and on printed materials. We, parents, just have to read and choose what we think will be effective rearing a well-behaved, healthy and responsible children. 
Indeed, parenting is the most challenging job ever. 
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