Unannounced Blog Leave

Though I’ve been offline for just a number of days, I feel like I’ve neglected my blogs for a long time. I was busy during the last few days due to a series of  personal and work-related events I attended.
 July 16 – Children’s Thanksgiving Worship Service in our Church. I accompanied my children in this special occasion. I’ve been busy looking for perfect outfits for them, too. 
July 17-22 – Makati City celebrated the 2nd Gender and Development Week. I helped my colleagues in the activities which included a mass calisthenics, exhibit, and free medical check-up. It also marked our  seven (7)  fruitful years of promoting gender equality in Makati. 
July 23-24 – (Adult) Anniversary Thanksgiving. I performed twice in the choir. Iglesia Ni Cristo celebrates its 97th anniversary. Trivia : Iglesia Ni Cristo was registered in the Philippine government last July 27, 1914. In this regard, I’d like to greet all INC brethren worldwide, a blessed Happy Anniversary to you all! 
July 24 – My husband’s niece celebrated her 18th birthday. I was of the busy bees in party preparations as I was assigned in the preparation of video presentation for the birthday girl. I’m so happy and proud of our output as it turned out good and it was well-appreciated by the debutante. Aside from that, Yasmin, my daughter rendered an entertainment number during the party. If you are my friend on Facebook, you might as well watch her video there. She sung Mine by Taylor Swift and Firework by Katy Perry. She did well and made me and my husband proud parents lolz. 
July 25 – My well-deserved break! I took a day off from work. 
July 26 – Back to work and had tons of tasks to do. 
So that’s it!!!

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