My Thoughts About Positive Parenting

Even though my eldest in already 5 years old, I still consider myself as a new parent. I am struggling to apply positive parenting little by little. As a matter of fact, I have gathered and read several materials about positive parenting or positive discipline and trying my best to apply them in my daily life with my two children. I must admit, I am a type of person who easily loses temper and has the tendency to shout and spank my daughter when she misbehaves. This makes me feel guilty – in the sense that I fear that such act may affect my child’s personality like low-self esteem or other not-so-good characteristics in the future. It’s better late than never, as they usually say. I want to change my way of training my children to be better persons as they grow older.
To further motivate me to practice positive parenting, I will writing a series of posts regarding this here in my blog. First of all, let me give you a brief introduction about it. 
Positive parenting is about believing that children want to communicate with you (parents), listening to children, discussing with your children what you want to do,being clear about you want them to do, setting limits and boundaries, being firm and consistent, discussing misunderstandings between your and your children in order to develop a good problem-solving skills.  Meanwhile, positive discipline, an area of positive parenting is the type of child discipline that encourages the development of child’s self-control and promotes self-worth. 
I will share more methods and tips, so watch out for my next posts. 

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