This is How I Celebrated my 34th Birthday

Yes, you heard read it right 🙂 I turned 34 last Tuesday, May 24.

My special day started at 5:00.  Contrary to my plan to prepare a dinner for the family, I just cooked Thea’s most requested spaghetti. However, I still owe her favorite fruit salad. I also shared the spaghetti to my officemates. 
My friends posted birthday greetings and wishes on my Facebook Wall. Some greeted me through SMS. And most of all, my beloved husband called me several times.
At 5:30 p.m. our department conducted the monthly staff meeting. All of us gathered together and the group of April birthday celebrators hosted the games and gave us, the May birthday celebrators tokens and cupcakes. Thank you so much for making our birthday a colorful one.  Oh, I should not forget our cute birthday banner – they made us Disney Princesses for a day. I was Pocahontas,haha.
After our meeting, I traveled to Quezon City via MRT for another meeting. I was surprised by the group. They ordered pizza, because I was my birthday, hahaha. Thank you, team!
With all these things that all happened on my birth anniversary, I feel so loved!I love all of you, too!!!I thank God for continuously showering His love and blessing to me and my family.
Happy Birthday to me!!!

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