Happy 6th Month!

handsome baby boy!
It’s been six months since I first carried you in my arms. It’s been six months since the day you’ve seen the world.  It’s been six months since the day you completed our family… Having you and Ate Thea really made us the happiest and luckiest parents in the whole universe… We love you so much, baby Yohan! 

You are now ready for solid foods. You are about to change milk formula, too. You uttered your first world this morning, right? You said, De-de! while trying to grab your milk on top of our dining table…I can’t wait for the next word, would it be Mama, Papa, Ate, Tita, Nanay, Tatay or Lola? 🙂 You really bring sunshine in our daily life, baby. We all love your smiles, your giggles and everything about you! 
Let me share some sort of a checklist. According to Babycenter . Six month old babies demonstrates the following developmental milestones:
  1. Turns towards sounds and voices – Yes, Yohan can! He always turns towards anyone who calls his name. 
  2. Imitates sounds, blow bubbles – Yes, he does! 
  3. Roll in both directions – Of course! 
  4. Reaches for objects and mouths them – Yeah!, he has lots of toys in his playpen. Patrick (Sponge-bob’s buddy), Barney and a cute monkey stuff toy are some of his favorite “pals” now. 
  5. Sits without support – He’s trying, few attempts had been successful, hehe
  6. May lunge forward or starts crawling – He crawls a lot. In fact, he goes down from our queen size mattress to the rubber mat without hurting himself. He’s been doing this every morning 🙂
  7. May babble or combine syllables – Yeah, sometimes… He just said De-de (means milk) few hours ago. 
  8. May drag object towards himself – Yeah, like stuffed toys, his pillow, and Ate Thea’s toys. 


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