Yasmin Althea’s 5th Birthday Celebration

Thea celebrated her 5th birthday yesterday. As requested, we prepared a Barbie themed celebration for her. It was a simple family get-together. Friends and Thea’s BFFs in the neighborhood also joined the little one’s party. 
She requested for a Barbie Fairy Secret birthday banner, unfortunately, the tarpaulin printing shop in our place does not accept rush order. So, I opted to buy this ready-made Barbie banner at the party needs shop. 

But wait, Thea’s cousin BA made a banner, too!
To make her dream Barbi cake possible, we decided to customize the cake I bought from the bakeshop. I pulled out a doll from her stack of toys at the cabinet and with the help of my niece we were able to put it on top of the cake and it looked like this!
Guests came in groups and each batch handed a present for the birthday girl. We all shared laughter and cheers and everyone tasted my specialties,hehehe. We had All Meat Spaghetti, Crunchy Chicken Lollipops, Breaded Fish Fillet, and Beef with Brocolli. I also prepared (for the for first time), Creamy Carbonara. Thanks to all who said it was yummy hahaha. 
Look, Yohan even showed a “Thumbs Up” as a sign of an amazing birthday party hahaha
Thea, on the other hand, hugged me and said “Thank you Mama. I was able to invite my friends to my birthday party”. 
She really loved the gifts! 
                                          (not in photo: Barbie body bag from Tita Elna)
Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes and cheers to my darling Thea… 
To Papa: You may not be here physically but your phone call made Thea’s birthday a very special one. We love you dearly. We wish that you can already join us of our children’s birthdays in the coming years… Love you.

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