Causes, Treatment and Prevention of Diarrhea

Yohan got sick last week. He suffered from diarrhea due to viral infection as per his pediatrician’s diagnosis. It started last Tuesday, a day before his scheduled check-up and vaccination. So, aside from fever due to 2 shots of vaccine for the 3rd dose of DPT and Hepatitis A, he’s pooped 3 times last Wednesday. He cried and hardly slept that night. Worried about his condition, the husband and I brought him to the pediatrician on Thursday. The doctor prescribed 2 different medicines for diarrhea and changed his regular S-26 milk formula to S-26 lactose-free. This is one of the dangers of bottle feeding, if only I can exclusively breastfed him. I feel so guilty. 
Thanks God he’s okay now, becoming a happy and active baby. He’s turning four months this Friday. 
Some say that diarrhea in babies is normal and doesn’t pose a major health problem as long as you keep your baby hydrated. So, you have to make sure to give them plenty of fluids. 
What are common causes of diarrhea? Diarrhea could be caused by viral or bacterial infection (e.g. rotovirus, adenovirus, calicivirus, influenza), parasite, antibiotics, and food allergy. 
  1. If the baby is not vomiting, continue to breastfeed him or give him milk formula.
  2. If the symptoms continue, its better to bring him to the doctor who will suggest to give him pediatric electrolyte solution. This solution is readily available in drugstores. (In Yohan’s case, the doctor give him an oral rehydration solution that is being mixed with the lactose-free milk formula)
  3. Avoid giving sweetened/flavored fluids like for these may worsen the diarrhea
  4. Yogurt are proven safe and effective treatment of diarrhea because of its live bacterial contents. 
  5. Keep your baby dry to avoid diaper rash.
  6. Cuddle and pamper your baby.  

  1. Frequent handwashing 
  2. Clean the feeding bottles and all other things used in feeding the baby properly.
  3. Clean and sanitize your baby’s crib beddings, toys, etc. 

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