Busy Weekend

We’re having a busy weekend…

Yes! Everyone in the house is busy today. ah minus the girl named Thea. She’s out of the house since 9am this morning. She was invited by our minister’s wife to their house. Her  2 tweeners wanted to play with Thea. 
Baby Yohan woke-up at 5am. Papa and I talked to him and he cooed and smiled a lot. I even took a picture of him and Ate Thea “talking together”.

Thea says: Good morning, Yohan!

At 6am, Papa prepared our breakfast – tocino, fried rice, pandesal and coffee for us; Koko Crunch for Thea). After eating breakfast, Papa and me went to the market to food for this coming week. And my busy hours at the kitchen followed afterwards… I’m also the one who bathe Yohan because my sister is busy doing the laundry. I’m looking forward to our bath time tomorrow coz he’ll be using Avon Baby Wash and Shampoo for the first time. I’ve read and heard several positive feedbacks about the product. 🙂

Weekends can be tiring and toxic but it’s my favorite days of the week. As a working mom, I really look forward to bond and spend quality with my family.

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