Father-in-Law’s Birthday Celebration

I’ve been busy these past few days due to increased workload brought about the 3-day out-of-town seminar I attended. That’s why this post is quite late already. 

My husband’s father celebrated his 80th birthday last August 29. To thank for the wonderful blessings and good health that God has bestowed to my father-in-law, the whole family celebrated his birthday last Saturday. We had a scrumptious lunch buffet in Guilly’s Restaurant in Glorietta 5, Makati. 

Here’s are some of our pictures during the party 🙂 

Janyn and Thea kissing Tatay 

 the little girl and me, and bunso in my big tummy
     I really love this shot. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Father-in-Law’s Birthday Celebration

  1. i'm getting teary eyed here…my dad will turn 80 on january,and yet, he still says he's 73! dementia:(

    looks like the bunso wants to get out anytime soon??? congrats:)

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