Teaching Preschoolers to be Responsible

Yesterday, we received a package from my husband through his nephew who arrived from a month-long stay in Qatar. The little girl was so ecstatic upon receiving the package which include a backpack, a set of crayon, pencils and a colorful tumbler. She really wanted to open the crayon set and try it with her activity books. I told her to reserve them for future school projects/homeworks, and use her own crayons instead. You know what she said? Pangit na ‘to, ayoko na nito while throwing each crayon under the bed. I got angry and told her that it’s not good to throw away old things when we received something new. 
I have to train her to be responsible enough to take care of her personal stuffs. Therefore, those time-tested tips on how to raise responsible children will help me address this challenge. 

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