Countdown to my Birthday and Thea’s Homecoming

It’s only five days to go before my birthday and Thea’s homecoming as well. Yes, my daughter will arrive on Monday after a month and a half vacation in my hometown. My husband talked to her on the phone yesterday and he complained that he doesn’t understand Thea anymore because the little girl is already speaking Bicolano  dialect, haha. She’s definitely enjoying her stay with her grandma and in fact told me that she’ll return here in Manila on March (2011?). I was like, no baby, you’ll go home on Sunday so that we can celebrate my birthday together.

2 thoughts on “Countdown to my Birthday and Thea’s Homecoming

  1. What a pretty girl. I can only imagine how much you're missing her.

    Ang tagal ko ng di nagpupunta dito….grabe…..CONGRATULATIONS sa inyong little peanut that's coming in about 6 months…tama ba? More or less…

    Advance happy birthday na din in case abutin na naman ng buwan bago ako makabalik dito…hehehe…

    Mommy J

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