Another Long Weekend

Last April 208, 2010, the MalacaƱang Palace declared May 3, 2010 as a non-working holiday. Some have plans of spending the long weekend on the beach, pool, but others will choose just to relax at the comfort of their homes. I’ve been alone in the house since the day I arrived from an unplanned vacation from my hometown.  My little girl is still there with my sister. Thanks to my niece who accompanies me at home, but she’ll be going home this weekend…Therefore, I will be home alone again… Well, I’ll just stay at home, do the usual household chores like laundry, cleaning, etc. 
I am also thinking of taking my maternity dresses out from the closet because I might start wearing them next week. I am no longer comfortable with my office uniforms. I’ll probably buy new maternity wardrobes next weekend…

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