Quality Time With My Family

My husband arrived last Sunday after working for almost two years in the Middle East. It was in March 2009 when he finally decided to apply for agian an overseas job. By the way, he’s been working in that side of globe even before we met. If you happen to be my officemate or neighbor, probably you’ve seen how excited am I and our little princess, too.
There are lots of funny and memorable moments before, during and after husband’s arrival. A few days before the much-awaited day, Thea asked my sister if his Papa is still handsome haha (it goes like this: Tita, ano na kaya itsura ng Papa ko, gwapo pa kaya sya?). She also told me several times that Papa will buy her lots of toys and a Wow Magic sing microphone. Why Magic Sing – simply because she loves to sing and dreams to be like Connie Talbot or Taylor Swift someday. Connie Talbot is a 6 or 7 year old girl who is known as Britain’s Got Talent Youngest Superstar. Taylor Swift is a country singer who won several awards in Grammy’s.
We fetched at the airport last Sunday afternoon. As requested, I cooked spaghetti and prepared his favorite salad and had a little celebration at home. I took a day off at work last Monday and we spent quality time together the whole day. We went to the mall and got a brand new LCD TV and some toys for Thea. I truly missed our bonding moments.
Now, I am trying to finish all important duties at work so I could take another day off on Friday. We’ll be going to a 3-day vacation in the City of Pines this coming weekend. We’re tagging along my mom-in-law and sister-in-law. I hope this would be a happy and memorable vacation…
I’m signing off for now. I still have to finish my presentation for tomorrow’s class. Bye-bye!

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