So Many Thing to Blog About But This Mom is Busy is a Bee…

Yeah, I have lots of things to share but I was so pre-occupied with domestic work last weekend. I haven’t opened my laptop the whole weekend. I was supposed to post the photo of my home-make Banoffe Pie, a birthday gift for my husband. I will blog about my new hobby, actually an old hobby… I’m back to gardening. I do have a green thumb, this time I’m into ornamental plants. I have a pot of American rose, and few pots of other plants. I am also planning to maintain a herbal garden at our rooftop. And lastly, I will blog about how the little one cut her own hair which made me decide to bring her to the beauty salon last Saturday.
The arrival of my husband is fast approaching. He’ll be arriving on Sunday. This also means busier weeks ahead.
I also need a lot of catching up with the graduate school requirements. I hate it but I am so lazy flipping those pages in my books or browsing e-books and references saved on my laptop.. duh! What’s happening to me. I think I chose a wrong combination of subjects this term…
Please wish me luck, guys!!! 😀

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