On Stress and Anxieties

There are lots of things that lead me to a stressful week. First, I got a low grade in one of my subjects. Yeah I know! It’s not the grade, but the knowledge gained which we could apply not only in our tasks at work but in everyday life. My failure to submit some requirements might be one of the reasons behind it. Nevertheless, it’s still within the passing mark and the fact that I’m getting closer to earning a master’s degree lessens my “frustrations”.

Secondly, I am faced with a family problem that needs urgent action. Urgent means now, urgent means tonight! Wish me luck friends. Lord, please grant me the courage to face this predicament. Thanks to my husband for being always at my side, teaching and guiding me the best thing to do in these difficult times.

The delayed house renovation also adds stress. I am hoping that it’ll be completed within this week so that the little lady and I can transfer to the new and wider bedroom. I might go back to Divisoria this coming weekend to shop for some home items such as bed sheets, laundry paraphelia, etc.

Oh by the way, a fellow blogger invited me in the Nestle` Fitnesse 14-day Diet Challenge as a member of her team. The weigh-in is scheduled on November 14. I hope that participating in the challenge will ease my worries and at the same time lose some weight 🙂

Bye for now, working mom needs to go and report for her night shift duties @home.

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