MomWena’s Journey to a Healthier Shape – Part 1

Saturday, November 14, 2009 marks the beginning of my 14-day journey to healthier shape that I used to have 4 years ago. Through an invitation of an online blogger-friend Earth, I was luckily chosen as one of her team mates to participate in the NESTLE FITNESSE 14 days to Show off Your Shape challenge. Our team was formed online by Earth and the 4 of us only met last Saturday. Joining the quest was not easy as you may think. During the initial weigh in, one of the dieticians told us that two of our team members, including myself, is not qualified because our body mass index (BMI) is above 25. I felt sad. After availing the free make-over, one of the contest organizers and the dietician who measured our BMIs approached and said that we can still participate in the contest provided that we should lose 2 lbs or more after the 14-day diet regimen. That was a slight misunderstanding re: contest mechanics and we accepted their apologies. The incident is one of the motivating factors to attain our goal of losing weight and winning the contest.

You might ask, what’s the buzz in joining the contest?? In NESTLE FITNESSE 14 days to Show off Your Shape, fashion and fitness come together to give style mavens a break at the most coveted designer wardrobe to hit Manila while getting in tip-top shape. To achieve that:
– Form a team of 2-8 members,
– Follow the NESTLE FITNESSE 14-day meal plan,
– Post and promote their 14-day regimen online (blogs, social networking sites, etc.),
– Ask their friends to VOTE for their entries,
– And finally…cross their fingers for Manila’s most coveted designer wardrobe.

Meet the Team Earthlingorgeousness: Me, Belle, Earth (Team Leader) and Kessa.
Showing off the most awaited prizes – 8 pieces of designer wardrobes: 7 for All Mankind Jeans (the one I’m holding), Rhett Eala Gown, Michi Calica Dress, Kate Torralba Dress, Religioso Dress, Jun Escario Top, and Hermes Belt.

Nestle Fitnesse 14 Days Press Kit
Friends, please support our team. To VOTE for our Team (Earthlingorgeousness), please follow this link:

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