Day 11

Following the suggested Fitnesse meal plan religiously,coupled with regular exercise yields positive results…I am so happy that I can’t help it but share this amazing news with you. As the weighing scale says, I have already surpassed the target…
Thanks, team mates for the words of encouragement and motivation.
My only problem now is my bulging tummy. I’m aiming for a flatter tummy, but of course I need more exercise/work out. Last night, before retiring to bed after a loongg day at work and graduate school class, I’ve read few chapter of my “Flat Belly Diet” book. I got the book last year as a prize from joining an online contest. Itold my self that I will continue the Fitnesse diet and follow the suggested work-outs from the book such as brisk walking and some easier work outs that don’t require too much gym equipment.
There are only 3 days left before the Weigh Off and I think our team is ready.
Online voting is still on-going. So friends, please vote for our team and help us make it till the finals and ultimately win those designer wardrobes…
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