Tuesday Toot

Yay! I just finished a 59-page report (in Excel format). Though there are some data need to be validated, I felt relieved coz the bulk of unfinished reports on my desk will be reduced.

My daughter’s accomplishments always inspired me as I juggle tedious day job and all my other duties. Her “first” exam results were released yesterday. And what, out of the total of 105 items, she got 103… hmm two mistakes. Well, with her teacher’s guidance, of course! J. She’s learning, and I think she’s ready for the real school next year. When I say real school, it means that I can already enroll her on a regular pre-school class. Whether private or public school – we are yet to decide.

I told Hubby about Thea’s exam results. The happy and proud Papa instructed me to bring her to Jollibee this weekend as a reward for her…

Note: I’d like to apologize for Tuesday Toot meme participants for failing to submit my entry regularly.

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