The Aftermath of Furious “Ondoy”

Saturday, September 26, 2009. The rained poured overnight until Saturday morning. I was awake at 3am doing the last part of a 12-week reaction paper in one of my masteral subjects. While squeezing my brain about the Philippine national innovation system and R&D management, I could hear heavy rains pouring down our roof. There are portions of the house that has been wet for more than 24 hours due to problematic gutter or downspout or whatever they call it. I finished my paper at around 9:15am. I received a text from my classmate and she said she can’t go to school, roads in Taytay-Cainta area where she resides was already submerged in flood waters.

It was raining so hard so I decided not to leave the house anymore. I overheard my neighbors panicking outside. To cut the story short, our area was already flooded; water was almost 5 ft deep outside and knee-deep inside our house. Good thing, refrigerator, electric fan and LPG tank were the only valuables in the ground level of our house and we managed to transfer them in a secure, dry place. My niece who works in Pasay City was stranded. There was no serious damage and all of my family members are safe.

Typhoon Ondoy left residents in the metropolis and other provinces in desolation – claiming lives of hundreds of people, thousands homeless, and damaged properties amounting to million pesos.

I’m still puzzled what really happened last Saturday. Reports say the dams have exceeded the spill levels. Several people say it’s because of climate change which I totally agree. The incident only gives a signal, a wake-up call to every individual to stop indiscriminate dumping of garbage and illegal logging. Let’s act now, Go Green. Stop climate change!

Let’s pray for everyone’s safety. God Bless!

3 thoughts on “The Aftermath of Furious “Ondoy”

  1. Hello sister. Good to note you and your family are safe. I understand from Mandaluyong locale ka pala. I used to live near the church there. I grew up there. Bigla ko tuloy na-miss. As in five minutes away lang ako sa church. Dati akong sumasamba sa lokal ng Mandaluyong but that was the time na 'sinusubok' pa lang ako. I'm in Tandang Sora locale for several years now.

    Praying that there won't be another "Ondoy" in the country or anywhere else. A lot of our brothers and sisters daw in Rizal are flood victims. I'm sure may relief operations drive din kayo sa lokal. Stay safe!

  2. hi guys, i set up a donation button in my site for the typhoon victims in the philippines, pls donate any amount so we can buy mats, blankets and food

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