2 Days to Go!!!

…before the Family Day.

Little Thea was kinda exhausted yet oozing with excitement during the past few days. They’re practicing the calisthenics and a special number for the activity come September 24.

Here’s a simple checklist on what we need for the school affair:

For Thea:

1. Yellow Shirt (for calisthenics) – ok
2. White Shirt (for calisthenics and dance) – bought the fabric; Nanay will sew it
3. Pompons – ok
4. Red tube top (for dance) – ok
5. Rubber shoes – ok
6. Dancing shoes – ok

oh by the way, she wants a new pair of earrings (kasi daw sasayaw sya) 😀

1. My share for the food is cake and maybe I’ll prepare some chicken lollipop.
2. Need to rehearse for Teacher Leny asked me lead the singing of the National Anthem

That’s all for now… I’ll review the list tonight hehe….

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