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I can tell that I’ve been quite inactive to blogging this year due to hectic schedule. I have a full-time day job and attend graduate school classes twice a week. On top of that, there are tons of work waiting at home. I’m not complaining… I just want to share how challenging is it having multiple roles in life. It’s a matter of exerting extra effort on time management.

Blogging is one of my stress relievers. Here, I can share my joys and sentiments as a wife, mother, employee and student. Through these, I am able to connect/re-connect with real-life friends as well as meet online blogger buddies, moms and single ladies alike. A fellow mom blogger introduced me to a new way to earn extra amount of cash while blogging. You can use your accumulated earning for buying things you want for your family or help finance a much-awaited family vacation.

I’m talking about Link from Blog, a blog online advertising company. Joining is easy as 1-2-3. Just log on to their website and follow the registration procedures. After signing up, wait for their approval (which will happen after a day or two). Once approved, they will notify you through email of advertisers’ demand wherein you can write reviews on their products or services or you can just log on to your account for search for advertising offers.

Personally, I’m so excited for more opportunities. So come on, don’t hesitate to visit their website and register.

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