Worth Rewarding

As I write this blog post, I am thinking of what to bring home for the little girl. I might drop by the nearest grocery to pick some yummy snack for her “baon” tomorrow. Or do you like to suggest something else?
My sister texted me that Thea got a perfect score in their first exam given this morning. According to sis, Nanay (paternal grandmother) said that Thea’s such a bright girl. After three weeks in Nursery class (it’s actually day care), she had memorize 4 songs and learn some basics of writing and drawing such as circles, straight line, etc. I hope she’ll continue to show this eagerness to learn so that when next school year comes, she will be attending the regular Nursery class already. We are still scouting for a good school, though.
Again, congratulations to Thea! Love u, baby!!! Be good always ha!

3 thoughts on “Worth Rewarding

  1. Hi Weng its been awhile,,, Its good that your lil girl is doing well,, and she seems to be a bright lil one too!!!! Yup…. a nice reward or maybe a lot of praises for her good job!!! all the best!!!

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