The’a 3rd Birthday

The little one celebrated her 3rd birthday last Saturday. Few of her playmates came as well as some of my officemates… I prepared plain spaghetti with meat balls, chicken lollipop, spring rolls, hotdog on stick and fruit salad. The birthday girl was really excited about her Backyardigans-inspired party. She entertained her guests by non-stop giggling, dancing, and saying thank-you’s every time a guest handed a present for her.

Even though Papa is not present during this once in a lifetime occasion, the two talked for several minutes over the phone, few hours before the party.

Here are some of the photos during the simple get-together…

personalized invitation card designed by yours truly 🙂
Thanks Deth, for this beautiful banner

The Birthday Girl

I’m so happy coz she really enjoyed during her party

with Nanay

the cakes

one of the gifts

3 thoughts on “The’a 3rd Birthday

  1. @raq: thanks for dropping by, and for the mother’s day greetings as well.

    @mommy J: hi! salamat sa pagdalaw. oh yeah, they grow up so fast. di natin namamalayan, dalaga na sila. lolz. belated hapi mother’s day din 😀

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