Summer Getaway

At first, I had a second thought on either going home to my beloved hometown or not. I was awaiting Hubby’s approval then. It was until Saturday, April 4th when I finally got his approval. My mom, siblings and more than a dozen of nieces and nephews were already waiting there for our arrival. And so, the little one and I left Manila last Sunday, April 5th for a one-week vacation.

We arrived there last Monday at 4 o’clock in the morning. My bro in-law and my niece fetched us at the bus stop. Our first stop-over was at their house where I took a quick nap while Thea played with her cousins. She enjoyed riding the bike with them. Then, at 7am my sister and her family accompanied as to our final destination –my mama’s house.

This is the fourth time my little girl visited her Lola Ester. The first was in summer of 2007, just a few days after she turned 1. It seems that she loves it… and turns this vacation on an annual basis (lol). Oh yeah, why not! In fact, she already learns few words in Bikolano dialect hehe.

Last Sunday, every family in Sotto’s clan was busy – busy preparing goodies and foodies for our swimming/get-together. It was a fun-filled activity. We went to a newly-developed Hot Spring Resort. On a sad note, we haven’t captured those cheerful moments because no one brought a camera huhu… Just to show you the place, here’s a photo I got from our town’s website photo gallery.

We went back to the stressful city life last Monday… Due to body pains, I decided to extend my vacation and reported to work just this morning…

Indeed, it was one of my best summer vacations ever… Thank you so much Papa for allowing us to go home… I hope you can join us on our next trip…take care always and we love you so much!

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