Random Thoughts and Rants

I’ve been alone in the house since Thursday night. My sis, together with her son and Thea went home to Sorsogon. The main reason – sis will file the correction of typo error in her birth certificate in our local civil registrar office. Their trip will also serve as a short visit to Mama and the rest of my Ate’s kids. …I miss my daughter’s talkativeness, her funny punch lines, and her endless rendition of her favorite songs, etc. They’ll be back tomorrow.

After two weeks of chillin’ at home during the Holidays, office works and school requirements are here again. At the office, I have bunch of reports to accomplish. There are lots of team projects in my Technology Marketing class that requires me to be present in meetings that we agreed last Saturday. Btw, I am grateful that I delivered our presentation quite well last Friday. Thanks for the support, guys (team mates). I know I need some more practice for our upcoming reports. I’m not really good in public speaking, that’s why I really get nervous whenever I am assigned to talk in front many people.

Bye for now, wishing you all a productive week ahead.

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts and Rants

  1. Hi Wena….

    Congrats on your report/presentation. Naku ako din I get nervous when I have to talk in front of colleagues. Dapat sanay ako kasi teacher but it's different pag contemporary mo ang audience…I hope you'll get used to it.

    Naku ako ata di ko kaya kahit 1 day lang wala ang aking chatterbox. Minsan she'd go with Dad somewhere for a couple of hours eh na mi miss ko na pano pa kaya pag 1 day? Btw, I've been to Sorsogon….a good friend is from there. Kaso more than 10 yrs ago na yun….hehe. Her family [siblings and Parents are now in Manila & Cavite & she's in Belgium]

    @ little one reading…she started early. By 3 she already finished a book…[Dick and Jane]…one liners lang but it was a great feeling when she finally finished it kasi it was 100+ pages ata…we used to get her yung books na parang cardboard ang pages so hindi masira…yung iba cloth…. Ako I didn't start reading until I was 7 years old kasi that was the time I started school.

    Ay ang haba ng comment ko…pang post na….

    Enjoy the rest of the week….TGIF na dyan in a few hours…yay!

    Mommy J

  2. whew! i enjoyed reading your comments…

    ako din may experience in teaching, pero sa church namin, i used to teach in the children’s worship service when i was still single. iba nga siguro pag contemporary mo ang kaharap. may presentation na naman kami mamaya. good luck ulit sa group namin LOL. 3 kami sa group, pero 2 muna kmi magpepresent coz the other 1 will attend a conference in Malaysia. recorded na lang ang part nya then play na lang mamaya kasabay ng powerpoint slides.

    cardboard in ang binili namin mga book, grabe yung isa nasira pa rin pero natapos rin nya, yung “Ms. Spider’s Tea Party”. start na nga ulit ako bumili, i might send her to nursery school this coming June, atat na mag-aral e

    yikes! ang haba din nito ah hehehe… visit kita mamya….tapusin ko muna presentation ko…

    sayang, di ka makakasam sa coffee treat ni mommy lena 🙂 do u have any vacation plans dito with your hubby and little one? pag-uwi mo kahit kapeng barako lang sana magkita tayo LOL


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