Are you a blogger? Do you need extra income? Well, I think this one’s for you.

My blog just got approved by Three days ago, somebody sent me an email inviting me to join PayingPost. I immediately visited the link and registered my blog. It only took me more than 24 hours to wait for their approval. That is quite overwhelming, isn’t it?

PayingPost unites bloggers and advertisers by offering an easy marketplace wherein advertiser can choose the appropriate blogger to promote their product. Similarly, blogger is also given a wide array of online opportunities. Aside from that, PayingPost has a new layout that resulted to a more user-friendly interface. I love their new lay-out as well as the tag line “Rise your hand if you want”.

The good thing with blog advertising is that you set own work hours. You can blog anytime you want. Aside from the rewarding experience that blogging has to offer, you are also encouraged to earn extra bucks without hassles. That’s pretty cool, right? I hope that opportunities will keep pouring so that I could use this additional income for those pretty dresses I’ve been meaning to buy for my lovely daughter or perhaps for her ballet class this summer.

Joining PayingPost is easy as 1-2-3. Just register your blog, wait for PayingPost’s approval and then install the code. By following the simple steps, any qualified blogger can start promoting advertiser’s products and services. There are lots of categories available, from computer and internet, to home and healthy living. You can select few of them that suit your line of interest.

So guys, what are waiting for, stop from what you’re doing right now, visit PayingPost website to know about blog marketing and advertising and affiliate programs as well. Good luck to us, in this cool and exciting new career. Feel free to leave comments to my post as soon as you got PayingPost’s approval…

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  1. hi weng,
    thanks for the visit. i signed up for payingpost too. hope it’s another good one.
    favor,can u pls. update my url to (shimumsy).
    if you don’t mind, paano ba gawin yung kagaya ng slider sa blogroll mo? can that work with disclosure policy too. iwant to save space on my site.
    sori. haba na’to.

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