First of all, I would like to greet everyone a very “Happy New Year!” Forgive me for the late greetings. I wasn’t able to blog during the holidays ‘coz I don’t have internet connection at home yet, plus I’m so pre-occupied with the things that get to be done at home. Even before vacation came, I really wanted to take ample rest and spend quality time with my little one. Since June 2008, when I entered the graduate school, we seldom go out or simply hang out at home during weekends. Thus, the long vacation is the perfect time to make it up for her – 11-day break from work/school is quite enough after all.

2008 was a significant year for me and my family. We had our share of life’s ups and downs. We experienced financial problems which is one of the reasons why Hubby decided to work abroad (again). Despite the odds, our relationship remain strong. Our little darling, Thea is our inspiration, she turned 2 on April 26 last year and as she grows older, she’s becoming a smart and talented kid.

I pray that 2009 is a fruitful and blissful year for me, my family, and for all us…I know we can endure all the challenges if we remain steadfast in our faith in Him.

Happy 2009 to all!!!

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